About Us

20 Valley is Located in Vineland Ontario, from which our family owned and operated business takes its name. We service the Southern Ontario area.Using modern fabrication methods and equipment we combine old-world blacksmithing techniques to create beautifying pieces of iron for railings, fences, decorative furniture and gifts.

A Family History of Blacksmithing

10 years ago, while looking back at his family history, Dorian discovered both Grandfathers had been Blacksmiths in their villages in Europe. It is in his blood. From that knowledge and tradition, Dorian has continued his family heritage here to bring you unique expressions in iron.

Why 20 Valley Custom Iron?

Having many years experience in construction, project management and design, Dorian and 20 Valley Custom Iron will ensure your iron work receives his full capacity of creativity, attention and skill.

The Iron Work Process

There are many techniques in use to create decorative or functional iron work pieces. Bending, twisting and shaping the iron into the desired form. Each spindle of a custom staircase or bar on a fence can take hours of work.

Here we have an example of the process of bending a piece of iron. Iron work is both a creative and technical process. First the iron to be bent is heated in a forge, then in a shaped vice the heated end is bent, making sure not to bend too much or too slowly. There are customized shapes for bends and designs, often made by the blacksmith themselves.

The Iron Bending Process